The Entrepreneur

Everything KOSHA LLC


Kalvin Kosha became a brand ambassador for a beverage company, Signature Sipz LLC, during the grit of the pandemic when people were urged to stay home with little to no socially interactive opportunities available. After having remained a faithful influencer for the brand, the owner of the company felt compelled to encourage Kosha to take a shot at owning his own beverage. A reminder of family and childhood nostalgia inspired Kosha to have a beverage crafted in memory of his years drinking herbal tea with grandparents, and his favorite beverage as a young adult: Hot water + Honey. Yup, it's just that Delicious! After a successful consultation and tasting, the birth of a new and interesting flavor of wine had been born; Honeywater Moscato, inspired by Kalvin Kosha (crafted by Signature Sipz LLC). Honeywater, at 15% alc. content, and a very smooth finish with sweetness similar to a Riesling, it is arguably the greatest flavor on the market; amazing its taste testers and first time buyers at the first sip. You can see some honest reviews on social media and content reviews.

As an influencer, Kalvin has been the inspiration and referral for several new brand partners; dubbing him as "Mr. Honeywater". Eventually, he would incorporate his first true company, Everything Kosha LLC, on August 27th, 2021. This company, however, is not solely about wine. It is a company dedicated to motivating, inspiring, and impacting the lives of the world through music, entertainment, service, and never-ending life achievement; Kosha's long-time life mission. Stay tuned for what's coming soon. In the meantime, reach out to @koshawines and secure your order of Honeywater Moscato.