Dear #KoshaKrew,

I’m taking on the challenge of giving back to the Houston community.
I’m thankful for your support and involvement in my projects; Kalvin Kosha (the Artist) + Kosha Wines, and am moved to open the opportunity for you all to sponsor / donate and pitch in to my fund.

“Do Good to Do Good”
A wise mentor often says, “You’ve got to do good in order to do good.”
On one side of the coin, this means to pour from a cup that has been filled with what’s been earned. On the other side of the coin, doing good  with pure intentions may open doors for good to be done to you. Therefore, In the entrepreneurial spirit of altruism and hope in the futures of those inspired, it is my aim to pay it forward.

Paying it Forward.
I visited Washington, D.C. to witness the 2nd Inauguration of Former President, Barrack Obama. The trip was sponsored by a cousin who believed in “paying it forward”; the statement he made to me as we sat across from each other to enjoy a delicious vegetarian lunch.

My Aim.
is to circulate the consumer’s dollar by gathering a percentage of monies from personal sales, and sponsorships earned in order to award independent scholarships and grants to some up-and-coming entrepreneurs, students, community projects, and more.

The Goal. is to reach $5,000 on or before my birthday, December 19th 2021, and present monetary awards to some deserving individuals who aspire to become successful in their field(s); just like me.

In the event that we reach and/or exceed our goal, be proud to know that your dollar is being circulated within the community, just as taxpayers monies are expected to be used for things like building the infrastructure(s) of our city. A scholarship or grant awarded to some individual who’s been working hard will be made on behalf of Kalvin Kosha of Everything Kosha LLC and the community who believes in the vision.

You can donate / sponsor via any means or method you choose. Feel free to share your attempts and reviews in order to encourage others.

All the Best,

Monies Sponsored (Goal $5,000)

of $5,000 reached 11%